PHS/MWA Aviation Services is owned and operated by the Bale Family and is the present day, single operating entity made up of the former Motor Winding Associates Division (MWA) and the former Pacific Hydraulic Systems Division (PHS).

phsmwa-about-company-historyMotor Winding Associates (MWA) was founded by the Bale Family in 1967 for the sole purpose of manufacturing high quality electric motors, stators, and rotors in support of various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) for Military and Commercial Aerospace applications. Motor Winding Associates became an FAA Certified Repair Station in 1992 to support aftermarket activities for its growing customer base.


Pacific Hydraulic Systems (PHS) was founded by the Bale Family as an FAA Certified Repair Station in 1993 resulting from support opportunities established for National Water Lift (NWL) during the acquisition of Abex Aerospace. Capabilities and MRO support included Electro-Hydraulic Servo Valves, Hydraulic Pumps, and Hydraulic Actuators.

In 1995, PHS/MWA gained MIDO approval from the FAA and began a focused campaign placing more emphasis on reverse engineering through DER Repairs and PMA replacement parts to support aftermarket MRO services.

phsmwa-about-history-current-buildingIn 2011, Pacific Hydraulic Systems Division (PHS) and Motor Winding Associates Division (MWA) merged under one campus to become a single 70,000 sq. ft. operating center with combined MRO capabilities, engineering, and various shop & product support resources.

In 2013, PHS/MWA secured an additional 30,000 sq. ft. of shop space and began developing MRO and Support capabilities for Fuel Accessories.

In 2014, PHS/MWA is operating in approximately 100,000 sq. ft. of total space made up 6 MRO shops across two buildings on the same campus.

In April 2015, PHS/MWA was aquired by The Wencor Group.