Support Services


Support Services

PHS/MWA Aviation Services has developed an extensive network of internal support services to better control supply chain, quality, overall process time of subcomponents, modifications, tooling, and engineering services.

Internal Support Services Include:

Stator Winding, Electronics Lab, Metrology Lab, PMA/DER Repair Development, Engineering, NDT, CNC Machining, Dynamic Balancing, Inspection and Material Analysis.


Electronics Laboratory

PCB Repair & Manufacturing, Test Console Repair & Manufacturing, Wire Harness Repair & Manufacturing, Test Box Repair & Manufacturing, Power Monitor Repair & Manufacturing


Product Support, Reverse Engineering, PMA/DER Repair Development

Metrology Laboratory

Calibration, Dimensional Inspection, Material Analysis

Non Destructive Testing

Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant

CNC Machining

Lathing, Milling, Lapping, Grinding

Dynamic Balancing

Rotors, Impellers, Rotary Assemblies